A Man’s Home

Describe what you see in this photo. Describe what you don’t see– the interior. Describe the person who comes out of the place. What does the person do? Keep it around 200 words.

Suddenly pushing himself away from the rickety table that took up almost a third of his living space the Herculean sized man stood up, grabbed his ax and swung it over his shoulder in what seemed like the a single moment. The motion was so fast that the corner of the thin blanket draped over his cot flopped back and forth in the breeze caused by the abrupt movement of the ax. This was his morning routine; he didn’t even noticed anymore the fortitude of the ash on the end of the cigarette gently nestled between his teeth. He never missed a stride as he turned to head out the door. He balanced himself with childlike ease while crossing the two haphazardly placed planks bridging his modest shanty and the land beyond. It had been years since he even noticed the ten foot drop to the menacing rocky creek below. He often imagined his home more of a castle with it’s own mote than the shabby little dwelling it actually was. Stepping on the ground, the enormous man took a final long deliberate drag off his cigarette before flicking it away on to the early morning dew glazed grass. It hissed back at him as the damp overtook it.

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