I Love You

I Love You

L.A. Clark

Very few times,

Is a friend like you found.

One you can turn to,

Someone who is always around.

When I met you I knew,

You’d always be here.

With you by my side,

I have nothing to fear.

Someone to hug me.

Someone to wash away my pain.

Someone to wipe up the tears.

Someone to help me stay sane.

You are all that I need,

To keep a smile on my face.

You’re the type of person

Who cheers for me till the end of the race.

When I am sick,

Or just feeling down,

You pick me up,

And remove my frown.

You put your arms around me,

Squeeze till the bad is gone.

Look in my eyes,

And put in my heart a song.

I never want to lose you,

You’ll always be in my heart,

You’ll be here till the end,

You were here from the start.

I may never say “Thank You”

I may never speak of my love,

Always know I mean it,

And that I hold you above.

Next time you lift me up,

Know how much I love you

Because of the way you’ve shown,

That you love me too.

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