I’m being followed by a Moonshadow alright

So there’s this song that I’ve been obsessing over lately. I’m dying to learn how to play or to at least be able to see someone else play it. You see, one of the main reasons I became so determined to learn how to play the guitar is because I have always been fascinated with watching people play. I stare at their hands and try to imagine what it must feel like to be able to do that. It can sometimes get distracting to the point that I hear nothing else of the song but the guitar. I have always been this way.
Well, this song is absolutely way out of my league and I realize that but I think it’s good to have lofty goals. I’m going to include a video of this song for the curious among you. I haven’t been able to find one actually showing someone playing it but the search will continue.  Nick Drake- Man in a Shed

Meanwhile, back here on earth I decided to find a song that I love that may be a little more reasonable for my total lack of skills. So I was watching some of my favorites and it finally happened. I watched a video and thought, I bet I could do that (with a lot of work). I have been watching the video over and over and found the chords for the song. The chorus is only two chords, one of which I already know, so I figured I could give it a try. To be honest, I’m not really even sure how well I did, it may have been fine but I don’t know. I can’t seem to manage to switch chords with any ease which is going to be an obvious problem. But then, I was not yet familiar with the second chord at all so it isn’t natural for my hand to go into that position either. I tried it a couple of times but gave up mostly out of embarrassment as Dan stared at me blankly wondering if I was done yet and could he get back to his game?
But I’m really convinced that this isn’t impossible. I believe that given some time and a little help I can get it. So, in order to force myself to work at it (in another room) I’m going to make a promise right now. I will figure out how to play this song, and I will record myself playing and post it to my blog (it make take a little time) but look for it and hold me accountable.
Here is the video: Cat Stevens- Moonshadow

Here are the chords:Moonshadow

It will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine!

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