I’m Not So Clever

In Northeastern Ohio it isn’t uncommon to hear a few words, when spoken aloud, sound a bit strange to the outside observer. One such common mispronunciation was the simple word, “wash”. For some reason in this area it is often pronounce with an “or” instead of an “a”. It has become a word I would spell as w-o-r-s-h. Being the uptight anal grammarian that I am this drives me crazy and always has. A fact which my dad found as a great way to get under my skin.  To be honest, I’m not even certain that he would have always said “worsh” instead of “wash” but from the moment he knew it bothered me he did. He never said “wash” properly again. I, being my father’s daughter, couldn’t let it go either. One day, my dad and I were standing in the kitchen and he said, “Let me worsh my hands first.” I was a know-it-all teenager and decided it was time to make my point. So I said, “Dad spell ‘wash'”.


“If you know how to spell it and you know there isn’t an “r” in the word why do you say ‘worsh’ instead of ‘wash’?”

Without even looking up from what he was doing or missing a beat my dad quipped, “You asked me to spell ‘wash’ not ‘worsh’.”

That was the last time I ever said a word to him about his mispronunciation.

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