In Defiance of Death


Write a reflection or short fictional piece about this woman. Where is she? What year is it? What is she thinking? Try this in the form of an interior monologue. About 600 words.




In Defiance of Death

L.A. Clark

She forgot just how bright the sun can be when it shines right into your face. Even though she desperately wanted to keep her eyes as wide open as possible in an attempt to take in as much of this unfamiliar world as she could they fought back and insisted on squinting to protect themselves from the overwhelming sunlight. She pondered how the sun can warm your skin with such little effort. She slowly stretched out her arm and pushed up her overcoat to expose her skin to the sunlight she had so longed to feel. She struggled to keep her mind from wandering but it managed to flash back to so many cold nights in that attic when she was unable to warm herself and feared she might die there; like common household vermin. She pushed back those thoughts and decided to instead focus on the joy of being able to stand outside. The pit of her stomach turned over as fear flooded her. What if it really isn’t over? What if I’m discovered? They’ll take me away like all my neighbors and loved ones. Even though she completely trusted those that faithfully hide and cared for her over the past two years she still couldn’t get used to the idea that it was really all over. So many days of misery and fear but she knew they were not over. Just because the war was over didn’t mean that her hell had ended.

What do I do now? Where is my family? How do I find them? It wasn’t until that very moment that it first occurred to her; Are they even still alive? She had heard tales of horrible things happening to her people but it all seemed so awful she was certain that it had to be made up. Certainly, no human being could do that to another. No, these are just fairy tales. As she stood in the doorway and looked around at the rubble that was once her playground and her children’s playground she had a sickening feeling that it was possible those weren’t just fairy tales. She couldn’t even recognize once familiar buildings. She had lived on this street all of her life and now it looked like something from another world or time. She recalled so many sleepless nights listening to the air raid sirens and feeling the bombs dropping around her. Most nights she thought that the whole world would be swallowed up by this horror. Every morning she would wake up shocked and grateful to find that her sanctuary was still surrounding her and that she had survived at least one more day.

As the realization of what had happened to her world, her life and her people hit her, she felt as though she was going to be sick. Her stomach dropped, her head swirled and her knees began to fail her. She had to grab a hold of the wrought iron railing to keep control of herself. She sucked up a deep breath and lifted her chin to the sky. She gently closed her eyes. I will not be their final victim. I will find my family and we will rebuild our lives. Right here, right in this place. She felt her strength come back to her as she reflected on all that her people have suffered over thousands of years and was even more confident that she was strong enough. They may try, but they will never destroy us. I won’t allow that to happen. She took her first steps toward freedom as she bravely moved away from the door to her longtime refuge.

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