Look Again

Look Again

-LA Clark

How can you look,

Deep in my eyes,

Say that you love me,

Say you never lied?

How can you look,

Way into my heart,

Reach out your hand

Touch the softest part?

How can you look,

Into my soul,

Love it so tenderly,

Yet leave it a hole?

How can you look,

Far in to my past,

Try giving me something

You knew would never last?

How can you look,

To what is to be,

And not see yourself,

Here beside me?

How can you look,

Through beauty of skin,

And see there is something

Blossoming from within?

How can you look,

And say we only fought,

You said it was love,

That in me you sought?

How can you look,

And see me cry,

Turn your head,

And say goodbye?

How can you look,

Not see all that we had?

You’re blinded of the joy,

As you leave me here sad.

How can you look

And say you see

All that is wonderful

Inside of me?

How can I live,

Without you around?

It is not easy

But my heart can still pound!

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