Love Me Like a Dog

Love Me Like a Dog

by LA Clark


“I think they already know.” She smiled to herself realizing that she too just figured out a cosmic secret.

“Who knows what?” He was slightly annoyed by the randomness of her crazy statement.

“Dogs, I think they already know the secrets of life.”

He barely lifted his head from this newspaper. “Our dogs know the secrets of life but still can’t work a toilet?”

“That’s because they don’t have thumbs not because they lack the knowledge or ability to figure it out. That’s not even what I’m talking about.”

He closed his eyes hoping she wasn’t going to continue. He had no interest in finding out what she was talking about, he never did.

“I just mean look how joyful they are all the time. They’re happy to see us when we get home but are still content to lie in the sun while we’re gone knowing we’ll be back.”

“Of course, they’re happy, they don’t have jobs or pay bills. I’d be happy to if I just had to lie around all day” He glanced out of the corner of his eye at her to see if any of that statement hit home with her. Not certain if he cared if it did.

“It’s more than that.” She hung her head a little knowing that he was just referring to her. She could tell he was getting fed up and she didn’t want to have to endure another hurtful personal attack. “I just wish I was able to be that happy all the time.” She couldn’t help but mutter.

“They have no responsibility beyond just being a dog, eating, drinking, shitting and sleeping. I’m sure they have nothing figured out.” He raised his voice and slammed down his paper turning in her direction. “They completely rely on us for all of that. They just sit around all day waiting for us to get home to feed them, take them out, play with them and pet them. They are so happy because they’ve put all their faith in us and we provide everything they need to be happy just by paying attention to them.” He grabbed is paper from the table and folded it in half loudly indicating he was about to read and wanted no more interruptions.

“Maybe that’s the secret.” She murmured, doubtful that he heard her.

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