Scarred for Life

Scarred for Life

-LA Clark

I was controlled by circumstance,

I was lonely because of love,

I was conceived by truth,

I’ll be destroyed by deception.

I’ll be scarred for life.

I’ve been breastfed by the monster,

I’ve been loved by the beast.

I was abandoned in my carriage,

I’ll be scarred for life.

Empty meadows, dew-covered flowers,

Pain staring me in the face.

Will I ever forget that day?

It has scarred me for life.

I’ve never frolicked with sanity

But I’ve dreamt of contentment.

Loneliness, my friend, will never leave me.

Because of this; I’ll be scarred for life.

Being scarred for life,

Being afraid of death,

Feeling lonely when touched,

Acting overcome by joy,

Faking love when confronted,

Surely, I’m scarred for life.

Living in a shadow, waiting in the shade,

Darkness befalls life even before death,

Cold and darkness; two familiar friends,

Both scarring me for life.

Love is but a memory of days past,

Nothingness is a fortune of days yet to be.

Friends have vanished,

Hope has been conquered by fear.

Fear has now scarred me for life.

The pain has yet to be washed away,

Only wiped up streaks from tears remain,

They do not replace all my pain.

They are all that is left in my heart,

It is torn to pieces, it was ripped apart.

This is scarring me for life.

Picking up strands of hair left by the demon;

Cleaning up blood bled by all.

I look into the eyes of love, but turn my heart to death.

For children live by example,

And mine has scarred me for life.

Wiping up contentment, licking up hatred,

Living by the moment; expecting the fall.

Going on is pointless; living life is a game;

Being scarred for life is a joke.

Yet being happy is but a dream.

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