Sit Up Straight

Do you know how when you’re a kid and your parents try to teach you proper manners and you find the whole thing annoying? Mostly, you ignore them or only retain as much as is necessary to not get into too much trouble? Then one day at work or a wedding someone points out to you that you just made a major faux pas and you wish you would’ve listened to your mom all those years ago? Well, manners were a very big deal in my family so I mastered them but one thing that wasn’t strictly enforced was posture. Growing up I was rarely ever told to sit up straight. Now, I wish that would’ve been different.

Anyone who knows me can clearly see that I have horrible posture. The only time I manage to stand up perfectly straight is when I’m shooting my bow. If only mom had forced me to straighten up. First, I’m a very short person; I barely hit 5’1″. Better posture would probably make me look a hint taller and a bit thinner too. I’m also certain that my back would be stronger and not be so susceptible to pulls and strains every time I fall (which is abnormally often). Aside from all these benefits I find that most of all I wish I had been taught good posture from a young age so that I could better handle my guitar.

I have noticed that I start playing in one position and generally end up in a very different situation. My guitar somehow manages to slowly move from a 90 degree angle to a 45 degree angle. This is all due to short arms and poor posture. I’m quite sure that it is having an influence on my playing. Now let me be clear, I’m not saying that in order to reach everything I need to pull the guitar back towards me at a slope. I can reach everything even though sometimes it feels like a stretch. No, it isn’t that it’s a simple matter of my back isn’t accustomed to that straight position and slowly begins to slump back to my default slouch.

So now I’m working on keeping my back as straight as possible for as long as possible while trying to remember 100 other things in order to play my guitar. It’s certainly not a pretty sight to watch me play but not to fear; it sounds just as bad.

Most importantly, I’m loving every minute of it.

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