The Man Across the Room

The Man Across the Room

L.A. Clark

Although I had known him for years it wasn’t until I saw him from across the room at a friend’s party that I really saw him for the first time. His hair gently rests on his shoulders, soft and golden like the silk from an ear of corn. It caresses the air when he moves but is never wild or unruly. His face is strong and features are sharp. If you had to describe him to a police sketch artist you likely first mention that his eyes are a color of blue that make you feel refreshed and alive like a dip in a cold pool. His complexion is just about a shade darker than anyone he is near no matter how dark they are. Even though he is really only about 5’11 he appears to be at least 6’3 with his perfect posture that is very natural, not the kind that looks forced and uncomfortable. His shoulders are broad like an athlete. His teeth are perfectly lined specks of eggshells, flat and smooth except for two vampiric canines which you can’t help but find mesmerizing . When he talks which is rare since he mostly just listens, his mouth forms the words so precisely they can easily be read if not in earshot. He pronounces every word very deliberately. His eyes are always focused straight on whoever is talking to him and he nods at everything they say making them feel like the only other person in the world. If you tell him a joke he would politely chuckle but never laugh too hard or too loud so you never really know if he thought the joke was funny of if he was just being polite. If you were married to him, like I am, and you’re watching him from across the room and he would turn to see you looking his way, he would shoot you this amazing grin that would make your heart melt and your soul dance.

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