Within Myself; With You

Within Myself; With You

-LA Clark

I’ve always only been comfortable,

Here within myself.

Then you came along and showed me a new way,

A comfort zone with someone else in it.

You were careful not to harm this place; my world.

You were gentle until you were trusted.

Once trust was gained something happened;

You were a little more careless.

The damage you did was a small amount at a time,

Easy to be repaired; temporarily.

Before I knew it I was violated.

Yet, I didn’t care.

I was happy to share myself with you.

It’s much less lonely that way.

But now, again, I’m alone and uncomfortable with it.

I miss my original self who could be alone, within myself; happily.

I miss who I was.

Now alone within myself, it feels different.

Without you here, I feel something within me is missing.

Some part of me is gone, a part I want back.

Even alone within myself,

You are missing.

The worst part is;

So am I.

“You cannot have what I will not miss.”

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