Here We Go Again by Betty White

Here We Go Again: My Life in Television

By: Betty White

If you are looking for dirty Hollywood gossip then this is not the book for you. It would also imply that you don’t know Betty White very well. This surprisingly in-depth look back through her very long and impressive career is not only fascinating it is educational. Ms. White starts you at the beginning and walks you through every step, every TV show (including more The Betty White Show (s) than I ever thought possible), every game show, and every husband with an easy fluidity. She is candid about her history and doesn’t mince words when discussing how cruel and heartbreaking a place Hollywood can be especially for a woman. You are never left feeling like it was all roses and puppies, although puppies are a theme in this book. It is incredible to discover the sheer volume of hours upon hours a week she was actually on television in her early days, how much she got paid and the complete lack of preparation or script with which she had to work. Even if you are not a Betty White fan (seems impossible) but have an interest in early television you would find this book amazing. The details of how a show was put on the air, recorded, performed, written and taken off the air is a far cry from today’s reality. The constant travel between California and New York during a time before jets is mind- boggling. The photos throughout are a reminder of what a true treasure this amazing talent has been and for just how long she has shaped the female face of television. Ms. White has done it all from being a sidekick on Hollywood on Television, to eventually taking over the show, producing her own shows, to starring in Life with Elizabeth and A Date with the Angels, to her racy portrayal of the “friendly neighborhood nymphomaniac” on Mary Tyler Moore, to her innocent and lovable Rose Nylund, there is also her being the honorary Mayor of Hollywood, and First Lady of Game Shows. What is just as incredible is the constant use of the term “comeback” when describing her resurgence of popularity. Read the book (or check her IMdB) and you will never again consider this a “comeback”; she was never gone. The book is an easy read but not so much fluff that you are not drawn in. It was touching to read of her honest love for her friends throughout the years. I was surprised to discover just how close she really is with Mary Tyler Moore and how much she treasures and loves her other Golden Girls. When you are a fan of shows like that it is nice to know it isn’t all just for the audience these people really care deeply for each other. There is something just incredible about Ms. White, her personality, her career, and her strength combined with her devotion to her late husband and how even after being so deeply a part of the Hollywood machine, how very real and relatable she still remains.


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  1. #1 by writerworks on January 13, 2011 - 3:25 pm

    i am a Betty White fan, i have never read her book. although i have never read this book, i found this review insightful and informative. i actually learned some new things about betty white; such as her early struggles in hollywood as a female actress. i have seen her in many tv movies and sitcoms, i thought she had little or no struggles in hollywood. however, i have to say, i haven’t seen much of her as a young actress.

    thanks for the information

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