Sunken Treasure by Wil Wheaton

Sunken Treasure

By: Wil Wheaton

Okay, let’s be honest when you hear the name Wil Wheaton you think either, Star Trek, Stand by Me or “who”? For me, it is always Star Trek. Actually the people who don’t know who he is at all shock and sadden me but I acknowledge that they are out there. As a proud Trekkie I follow Mr. Wheaton on Twitter. After a couple of months of noticing that he posts links to his own blog I finally decided to venture over and have a look at one. You need to understand something about me first so that you can understand why it took me so long to simply read a blog. When I am a fan of someone I never really want to meet them, I don’t like to see them do interviews or read anything they have written (without a proper ghost writer or editor). This may seem counter intuitive but I have firm grip on the reality of the fact that actors are just people, full of human flaws and because of this I don’t like to have my little fantasy of them in my head shattered into a million pieces. As stupid as it sounds, it works for me. Well, like I said after a few months of reading his tweets I started to feel like I was developing a new impression of who this person really was, separate from Wesley Crusher. As I began to compartmentalize the two more firmly I decided that I really like this Wil Wheaton guy and I want to check out what he has to say. The first blog I read was about his time as a guest on the show Leverage. I had never watched the show but was a huge Angel fan and knew that Christian Kane from Angel was now on Leverage so I thought it would be interresting. (Yes, my life is a game of 7 degrees of separation when it comes to entertainment.) As he continued to post blogs I continued to read them and found them honest, down to earth and above all, well written. There were occasional mentions of a couple of books he had published and one I believe he was still working on called Memories of the Future, Vol 1. It was to be a detailed “going over” of each Star Trek: TNG episode he had been in and there was no doubt I would be getting this book. But the others I wasn’t so sure about. As I did a little more research I discovered that Sunken Treasure was a compilation of excerpts from the other books and a few blog posts. A “Hot Cocoa Box Sampler” he calls it. I figured this would be a perfect way to check out his writing before committing to Just a Geek (his autobiography). Hey, I’m a busy girl and I can’t read just anything just because it was written by some guy from one of my favorite shows. Who am I kidding? Yes, I can. Anyway, I decided to ease in with Sunken Treasure for whatever reason. I downloaded it from iTunes on my iPad, as I always do with books these days, and I had it finished in a couple of hours and had Just a Geek downloaded and ready to go. This is all by way of saying, I truly enjoyed it. I loved to explore his ability to successfully write using different and specialized styles. You wouldn’t write a blog post the same way you write a piece of fiction or your autobiography for example. Having my BA in English I know the importance of writing in a style appropriate for your audience and medium. As an actor, there is no reason he should know this but he clearly has it mastered. There is so much I want to say about Mr. Wheaton and his writing but I am going to save most of that for my review of Just a Geek, in the meantime I will say this, try Sunken Treasure. I think it was something like $4.99 on iTunes. It is an easy read. Unless you are a writer you probably don’t understand what a compliment that is. “Easy reading is damn hard writing.”  I must warn you though Sunken Treasure is a gateway drug to the world of Wil Wheaton.


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