#1 Crescent Pizza Rolls

First recipe of the summer! These are incredibly easy!



  • Tube of Crescent rolls
  • String cheese
  • Pepperoni

Optional Topping

  • Spray butter
  • Garlic salt
All you need!

All you need!


This is pretty straight forward. Open the crescents and lay the out. We put down waxed paper. Put as much pepperoni on as you want and half of a string cheese stick.

We liked a lot of pepperoni.

We liked a lot of pepperoni.

Roll them up like you normally would a crescent. The original recipe has a whole concoction to put on top but I just used spray butter and a little garlic salt.



Bake 350. 10-15 minutes. 12 minutes worked best for us.


All done!

All done!

We loved them. Before eating them Dan commented that 4 wouldn’t be enough for him and he’d have to have something else but I was only able to eat 2 so he got 6 and was content. There’s a lot of crescent there and I found it very filling. Some people might be bothered by not having sauce but the crescents are so light and fluffy that it didn’t feel dry to either of us. If that could be an issue for you, warm up some marinara for dipping.

Original recipe can be found here.




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