Christmas Truce by Aaron Shephard

I have long known the nearly miraculous story of the World War I Christmas Truce of 1914. As a college student I was deeply touched by the story and it has stuck with me for these many years. It was barely touched on in my text book but I was lucky enough to have a truly spectacular teacher who told us the events of that Christmas.

I have never before read any account of it (fictional or otherwise) and I was a little apprehensive of how it would be presented in a book aimed for children. I was pleasantly surprised at the realism of the telling as well as the care taken in how to present such a horrific war in a way that remains true to what it was yet not so much so that a child wouldn’t be able to take it in.

This is a gentle and beautifully written retelling of an important moment in time. It is done so impeccably for children and adults alike. It would be a perfect tool for a teacher to use to introduce the topic to a class. I can see how it could foster a great discussion even among children in regards to  important truths about humanity.

I most appreciate not only the historical accuracy but also the delivery in consideration of a younger audience. However, as an adult I also found it to be a nice, uplifting read myself.


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