As the girls’ laughter wafted through the air Anna shifted uncomfortably in her sit, sliding her knees farther under the table until her belt buckle caught on the edge giving her a slight jab in the gut. Her stomach was already crawling its way up her throat and that didn’t help. She was just grateful it didn’t make any noise and no one seemed to notice.

Deciding it would be easier to pretend to be engrossed in her homework if she was actually doing her homework. She went about ignoring them no matter what animal like noises they started making next. Anna was slowly unzipping her backpack and quickly reaching for her biology book when the next big rush of cackling started. Urgently wishing her friends, Abby and Chrissy would hurry up and join her so she didn’t feel so alone. Where are they? Shouldn’t their classes be over by now? I hate sitting here alone like a loser. Flipping through the pages and settling on Chapter 5: Predator/Prey Relationships Anna couldn’t help rolling her eyes wondering why she’d ever need this information.

The food chain is an intricate system that is vital to all ecosystems. Larger, stronger and more aggressive predators consume smaller and weaker prey.

She tried to slyly peek over her left shoulder to confirm that the table in question indeed wasn’t paying her any mind. Are they laughing at me? Three of the girls, the blondes, were facing her most directly. She could see that their perfectly long hair, curled to perfection was perfectly resting on the table below where it perfectly caressed their perfectly sized and perfectly shaped breasts as the leaned forward, elbows on the table, so as to not have their juicy gossip overheard. Are they talking about me? They all suddenly screeched in delighted and threw themselves onto the backs of their chairs unable to contain their laughter. Anna quickly turned her head back around, dropping her chin to appear that she was enthralled with what she was reading and not, in fact, paying any attention to them. Oh crap, did they see me looking? Her back got hot as she became convinced that they had seen her watching. She was panicking, unsure if it would be better to turn around or continue to pretend she didn’t even know they were there. Just keep reading and don’t look up.

These weaker prey, however, are often actually stronger than some other creatures which are then its prey and so on and so on. Creating what it known as the food chain.

Anna’s mind was wandering as she began staring at the table in front of her with the two boys that always sat there together. They weren’t exactly the most popular although in some ways that wasn’t true. They weren’t popular because of no one liked them but everyone did know who they were, and avoided them. They were a little weird and usually not clean. Anna was stuck behind one in her history class she remembered and spent the term praying he wouldn’t turn around or try to talk to her; he never did. Thank goodness. She couldn’t imagine how they didn’t seem to care enough to stop being so odd. Just take a shower, wash your clothes and be normal; how hard is that? Shaking her head in disgust she went back to reading. What does any of this have to do with me?

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